Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Most loving siblings contest

Uzair 5 and Zinnierah 2 Months

Uwais 2+ And Uzair 5

Uzair and Uwais

Uzair and Uwais

Hi everyone..these are Uzair (5) and Uwais (2+), Uzair is the eldest.Uwais is his only brother he has.Uwais is also his sparring partner as well as sharing love with each other.
They just got their baby sister recently..they simply love her soooo much (believe it) eventhough they are busy running,playing or jumping they stop a moment n kiss their baby girl (she's like the pit stop).
They are very active,always quarrelling and fighting (luckily like ordinary kids ;),but fighting never last for long,after 5 minutes they'll be laughing and rolling on top of each other.
Every night before sleep we'll (everyone at home) all say that we love each other and a kiss to each other.
If any one of them fall or get hurt the other will start crying or nagging (due to worry and afraid that the brother will be sent to the hospital).

Ofcourse they are the coolness of my eyes....

4 Who ever want to join this contest..

How to enter...
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3. Choose your best children's SIBLING photo and BLOG about it on your blog. Tell us a bit about why you chose the pic with your kids name and ages (min 2 kids)
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** EDITED : For those who don't have siblings, COUSINS can do as long as FAMILY!!!

There will be
4 main PRIZES but depending on no of entries, there might be more :)
So hurry !! Send in your entries now !!

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